Sunday, February 6, 2011

chemotherapy hats or chemo caps

Please excuse my time away from the computer. I have had a week preparing for a friend's wedding then a week recuperating from the wedding. But I have been making things, so I have lots to share soon.

Cancer has been on my mind a lot lately. The awful but necessary process of enduring chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which not only cause one to lose their hair, but to feel unwell too, and for it to be no guarantee of survival or even prolonging life either - it is no wonder people have come up with many designs for a 'chemo cap'. They cover, cheer, provide dignity and even laughter.

Someone close to me is in need of some new ones so last night I got busy with my sewing machine, fabric stash and a new overlocker! Well, 1986 new, from Mum's forgotten cupboard to the fix-it man and $90 later I have a working one. Oh how long I have waited...

Sorry I couldn't get better photos or a better model!


and inside out...

The front and back views: This one made from an old t-shirt.

They were all made in a slightly stretchy knit (jersey) and in cotton, apart from the bright pink which is a cotton blend sweater fabric, probably too thick for a summer hat but it was the prototype (first made).

There are lots of free patterns available for these. I chose this turban design because it's similar to what she's already been wearing. They really are easy to sew but have a glamorous look when finished.

I made four of them in a night, taking approximately 15 minutes each. The pattern provides no photos so I thought I'd share some here if anyone is interested in making these for someone they love, or even for charity. They reckon a person needs three: one to wear, one to wash and a spare. I reckon my aunty needs one for every day of the week or even every outfit. If it makes her feel even slightly better to have a hat to match an outfit it's worth making.

The other requirement was bright colours, like gemstones. The last one I made (not photographed) was pink with orange gemstones sewn on the band at the front. It could be decorated with any other feature, like a brooch or false flower... Your choice!
I hope you can brighten someone's day too with one of these.

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