Sunday, February 13, 2011

harvest day

We have been digging in the garden.
How cool has it been to find fat vegetables almost overgrown and begging to be picked. The few days of rain we've had have meant beans and zucchinis have gone nuts. But the gherkins... I thought I had been keeping an eye on them.?
Tonight's tea is scalloped potatoes - here's why.

I have a lot of pickling and preserving to do.
Fat gherkin cucumbers.
Yellow zucchinis (courgettes) - which name to you prefer?
One is ripening into a huge marrow, I think we'll just see what happens to it so the kids can enjoy watching it grow.

Beans galore (Stringless scarlett).
Another round of strawberries.
Tiger lilies and dahlias.

I will share some recipes soon. Does anyone have something good for zucchini? Last year I did something with brown sugar and vinegar, a relish I think. But I can't find the recipe anymore.

What's coming out of your garden at the moment?

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