Saturday, February 19, 2011

Your window of soportunity

It is 11.11
It is the perfect time to go to sleep.
The perfect time to go to sleep is 11.11
“Eleven Eleven!”
If you close your eyes now
You will hopefully drift off into a wondrous slumberous dream
Leaving all thoughts and cares of the day
In your wake.
If you think too hard about it being 11.11
And therefore the perfect time to go to sleep
You may miss your chance
And misfortunately open your eyes to read the clock saying,
Gasp, 11.12, ‘…no…’,
Then shut them tightly and try
To get that drifting back.
The next time you open your eyes
The clock will glare in angry red
11.27. Twenty-seven!
And then you know you’re really stuffed.
You’ve missed your window and now you must prepare to fight
Insomnia as she whisps you under her black cloak of endless night.
You might as well give up,
Get up,
And write.

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