Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ballet blossom

Georgia started ballet yesterday. She and a flurry of baby pink girls fluttered around the mums and bubs then into the hall and emerged very happy 30 minutes later.

It is with much fondness I recall my ballet years. So many hours of practising poise, plies and pirouettes. I never became a ballerina. Apparently my feet would have to be broken and re-set for me to ever succeed in pointe shoes. What a relief. I doubt a life as a ballerina is as glamorous as little girls believe it is. For little girls, it is all about the pink, the pampering and the pirouettes. I was glad to introduce Georgia to this new world knowing she will at least gain good posture, if nothing else (although I think she will gain a lot more than that).

To help with the pink side of things, I am knitting this ballet blossom cardigan, the pattern is again by Hadley Fierlinger. It is alpaca wool, so luxuriously soft and really warm, so it's not needed until the winter months. Good, because it will take that long to knit it. I have some other projects on the go, not to mention the sewing. And one that Georgia is going to help me make too!

What projects do you have 'on the go'?

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