Thursday, February 10, 2011


These were so quick to sew up and make the room so much prettier.

We have quite plain (ugly) curtains (or you may call the drapes, depending on your heritage) and I thought these would be a good solution to keep the curtains away from the windows to let in maximum light and prevent them blowing in the wind when the windows are open. They also double as a  decoration, and I guess you could change them with the seasons and your mood...!?

Simply cut a piece of fabric and a lining on the fold in this sort of shape, no pattern required, sew right-sides together leaving ends free, turn right way out, insert some loops of fabric (sewn through the middle) into the ends and ta-da, you have a curtain tie-back. I finished mine with some hand sewing in matching embroidery thread, as it's too thick to get the machine through.

Each morning, Georgia rises and ties the curtains back. It's a nice little routine.

The fabric is some vintage Sanderson from my fabric stash. I made some in French vanilla colouring to match our bedroom too. Perhaps I'll photograph them one day.

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