Monday, February 14, 2011

sew the list grows on

I have a new sewing station. Everyone including me grew sick of having our dining table taken up with sewing machines and fabric and other associated items.
Back from the garage came our previous dining table, the fabulous formica! All I need now is some storage beneath it for the fabric-a-brac.

Adding to the chemo hats will be this versatile cardigan and top. It is apparently a rip-off pattern of a popular DKNY garment that can be worn in about 15 different ways.

I shopped for this fabric last week at the Global Fabrics sale. Pinks for my aunty, blues for me. Fine stretch cottons and slippery silks. I hope I bought enough fabric!

Adding this to my fabric stash, a mountain of other sewing projects either on the go or in the pipeline... I don't know. I seem to bit off more than I can chew sometimes.

But anyway, this is first on the list now. The kids will have to wait for their new merino garments for the winter.

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