Tuesday, February 8, 2011

handmade by little hands

During the holidays Georgia learnt to write. It was a self-led process whereby she first asked how to write and spell her name, then the rest of the family, and it grew from there. 
I soon realised she didn't have a copy of the alphabet to work with.
The wonderful font 'Schoolhouse Printed A' shows pretty standard formed letters so I put together an alphabet and some pages of family names for her to read from.

She reads it during naps and in the morning sometimes, reciting the alphabet song. But otherwise all her writing is done by asking us to call out letters for whatever word she wants to write.

Understandably she wants to share her new skill with people so any picture she draws is usually dedicated to someone and their name written on it, then 'from Georgia'. 

You can see an early attempt here. She has chosen to write capital letters at this stage, so I won't confuse her with little letters until she's ready.

She went to Maggie's 4th birthday the other day so she made a card and some wrapping paper.

It was so cool to see her sense of pride at having made something herself to give. The present was, at Georgia's request, a small set of stationery so the birthday girl could give it a go herself.

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