Friday, February 11, 2011

a wedding shrug

This one was for the bride.

Who knows what the weather will do on a wedding day, and with a strapless gown it's difficult to cover up with a regular cardigan without looking shabby. A shrug is just a shoulder coverer (if that's a word) and is constructed by sewing a little way up the ends of a regular rectangle.

This one I had knitted by a woman from my knitting group because I had only thought of this last minute and had no time.  She did a lovely mock cable throughout as I'd asked for a cable design for a celtic look. She was right that a smaller cable design wouldn't dominate the bridal gown.

Though I was happy with it, I had to pick-up and knit a ribbed band at the bottom to make it longer and keep it from rolling up the bride's back. It has a scalloped bind-off that I made up as I went along - for anyone who's interested, on k2 p2 rib it goes...

*k2, turn, p2, turn, k2tog, BO 2,  p1* rep until you reach the end of the ribbed section then knit last stitches together.

The rectangular section is 50cm across by 35cm top to bottom.
A small cap sleeve and slight collar is created on stitching the sleeve ends.

So easy to make - some fabric ones I made for the bridesmaids coming up soon, well as soon as I can photograph one properly while wearing it.

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