Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fabric coming out my ears

It's been stashed away in cupboards, drawers, and most recently the garage, for what seems like years. Actually, it has been years. I've dabbled in sewing over the last decade. When I was a teenager I sewed some gorgeous things. Some I made without patterns, others using ambitious vintage patterns. All this increased my sewing skills until I felt quite confident. Then my old 1950s machine broke and I never got a new one. Until last week. A 1987(?) Husqvarna Prisma. Just in need of a service, which it got, and also needs the zigzag function fixed (yet to happen, gonna cost a bit of $$).
I tipped out the fabric stash to air in the sun - here is about half the pile. I feel guilty and inspired.
Some of it is beautiful and some just functional. I have books by Lotta JansdotterAna-Maria Horner and various vintage patterns ready to go. All cut-out, and now I'm too blimmin tired to sew! Needless to say, watch this space.

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