Thursday, October 21, 2010

bay hopping

You've heard of bar hopping, well today we went bay hopping. We got in the car, having had too much of the mundane at home, and headed north to the Kapiti Coast. Sure enough, the sun was out and it felt like a different day. Our first stop was Plimmerton beach. We'd been to bad old KFC (I wish there were more healthy options at drive-thrus) and Georgia's box of chips had the seagulls circling, much to Hugo's delight. 

DSCN0394  DSCN0397  DSCN0398 DSCN0399
  In the background is Mana Island and Wellington Heads. Lurvely. A popular spot with windsurfers.
 Our next stop was Paekakariki and QE II Park. An old haunt of my childhood days, I rediscovered the hidden gems - the kids ran through the tangled paths and found the playground.  DSCN0401Georgia surprised me by using the see-saw independently by kicking with her foot. Lucky she and Hugo are nearly the same weight, it worked out really well.
Paekak (pronounced Pie-cock) beach was full of drift wood and pipi shells to add to Georgia's collections at home. More on that another time.
 And I couldn't stop looking over the ocean to Kapiti Island, the shore, the waves, the clouds and the sparkling sun and thinking to myself, 'we are so lucky to live here'. I haven't travelled much (Australia, do you count it?) so I take pleasure in exploring the places at my disposal. I'm probably guessing right that many people would pay good money to visit these places. We take them for granted.
Living in New Zealand is synonymous with beaches and wide open spaces. Yes, ok, farmland and greenery too. I love the romance of the seashore, its meeting with the sky, the way it sparkles, changes colour with the weather, offers escape from constriction of cities, helps you to breathe... and the smell makes you feel really alive.
The Land of the Long White Cloud (loose translation of the Maori name for NZ - Aotearoa). You beauty!
 Winding back toward home we stopped into another bay, Pukerua Bay. I am ashamed to say it is the first time I've ever visited this beautiful spot. You have to turn off the main road to get there and drive down a very steep hill. I think I've found a new picnic destination! Check out the beauty here!
DSCN0415  DSCN0414  DSCN0417  DSCN0418
Ok, this, not so beautiful, but kinda typical of some of the artsy types around these parts...
  And finally, this is how I know it's time to go home. Hugo's very good at communicating, even if he's not talking properly yet.
So I'm new to this blogging thing and have to carry a camera around with me everywhere now! Thank goodness for this goody hoodie with its huge front pocket. I'm not used to having practical pockets. Thanks Mum! I think I'll live in it now.  
DSCN0421  DSCN0420  DSCN0423
Ice-blocks on the drive home. All are happy. We had a good day after all.

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