Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spring fling

The sun is returning and our garden is coming back to life. Loving it!

Georgia took a bunch of daffodils to Kindy yesterday (1st of Spring), her teacher commenting, 'these smell like happiness!'. I couldn't agree more.
 We also have daphne in abundance, a beautiful aroma, and asparagus springing up.
  Can you see them, hiding in the weeds?
Last spring I had just discovered I was pregnant. With neighbours' cats making regular 'droppings' on our vege patches, I stayed clear for fear of toxoplasmosis infection (and sheer exhaustion). Later, in summer, I was popping out the front so gardening remained undone. Weeds grew and are still there, in fact. We gave them a go recently, but my children dug up some worms and that took over their interest. I need their help, or somebody big and strong actually, to get the garden into shape before it's too late. 
But I do love it when their interests govern mine and we end up bug searching instead of gardening, or collecting shells at a beach instead of walking its length, or stopping to throw stones into puddles while trying to walk around the park... I wish I had taken a photo of him doing that today, he was showing all the grown-ups how to take things easy and really enjoy the small details around him. The smallest people have the biggest imaginations and desire for exploring and adventure. They set me straight from my boring old grown-up ways sometimes to stop, look, and listen (and I don't mean crossing roads!)

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