Thursday, October 21, 2010

a kiwi tradition - pavlova

I made my first pavlova. Finally! 

Our 1970s oven is substandard (the swing door is broken so it doesn't stay closed, the temperature gauge is off so I don't know what it's set at, the gauge is in old gas marks too to make it harder, the oven cavity is small so standard trays don't fit and I have to use roasting trays for baking...) but if it can cook a pavlova then it can cook anything I think.
This was nice with whipped cream and fruit on top.
The recipe, from this book, tells you to put all ingredients in a bowl at once and set them mixing in the machine for 10-12 minutes. Could it get any easier (except the part where you have to separate the eggs, groan).
With three egg yolks left over it had to be poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce.

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