Thursday, October 21, 2010

a slice of early Christmas

Earlier this week I made a batch of this slice, altering it slightly by using walnuts and hazelnuts in place of pinenuts, and icing it with coffee butter icing instead of the sickly sweet white chocolate ganache. 

 Had some leftover mixture so I dunked those in some melted white chocolate because that's my husband's favourite and when that ran out I used coconut.  DSCN0481a
 Completely unintentionally, they looked fit for Christmas after-dinner treats with the white snow effect. I thought I could do these specially for the big day, despite the fact we don't have snow here at Christmas. See the tiny peeps of green and red from the pistachios and the cranberries? So Christmas.
Anyway, I boxed some up to take to a dinner party. They looked so cute! The Russian fudge was just an extra smack of sugar I really didn't need, but I had a spare half can of sweetened condensed milk to use up. What's a girl to do? Surprisingly I have fit into a new (tiny) pair of jeans this week, so perhaps eating what you like is good for you? Of course it is. DSCN0480a

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