Thursday, October 21, 2010


We've had a lot of yellow here these last few days. Not only the sunny daffodils (on not so sunny days) to remind us of spring, but also my boy's new favourite word, 'lello', and sometimes more like 'lelilelillo'. He loves to wrap his long tongue around that word. He tells me whenever he sees some  yellow. He chooses to wear his yellow shoes in place of his usual blue ones, 'not bue, lellilo'. 

He chooses his yellow shirt whenever it's not in the wash. Lucky he suits the colour, well his hair is kinda yellow too, maybe more white actually... DSCN0496a
  The yellow has spilled into our kitchen too. We made a batch of orange cakes today. And iced our carrot cake with lello icing, with sprinkles of lemon rind.  DSCN0500
  Hugo has his yellow boots at the door next to Georgia's. It's still raining so they're still in use. DSCN0494a
 The hallway's getting rather cluttered with the dual seasonal gear of sun hats and wool hats, raincoats and umbrellas, sunblock and storm covers for the pushchair - all at the ready for getting out the door in this strange season. Although I do feel a wonderful freedom from winter. It's over, even if 'a massive storm is heading towards New Zealand' as I write. I'm keeping up with the spring cleaning and I'm looking forward to the gale force winds to clean out the cobwebs, real and in my foggy mind (I'm still blaming the nappy brain).
And at the end of our days, Yellow is there at bathtime too. DSCN0495a

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