Thursday, October 21, 2010

toddler bed

While we're on the subject of Dad making things too, here is the little toddler sized bed Chris made for Hugo. It is the same size as his cot, but without the sides. We're gonna have to cram three kids into the one room very soon. Two big single beds doesn't make sense, and he's going to be little for at least a few more years. So here was the solution: DSCN0490a 

He made it out of four-by-two and MDF for the slats (which are secured by screws). We were concerned about the sharp (sanded back) corners so stapled on some circles of camp mattress foam to protect little heads and limbs from taking a bang. He hasn't finished yet, it needs a headboard and some better padding around the rim.  DSCN0491a
And I have to sew a valance and a new quilt (my first attempt it will be! I've been eyeing up this pattern and these fabrics which sell at a local shop). More on quilts coming up soon.
Hugo loves his new bed. It's his 'big boy' bed. He's been in it a few days now and he's even staying in it for his afternoon sleeps, so I'm keeping my sanity. So thanks Dad for taking the initiative and making something so neat for the kids!

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