Friday, December 3, 2010


Here is the final product. I started making the cake weeks ago (it improves with keeping) and a couple of days out from Mum's birthday it was time to ice it.

This time I decided to make it a long, thin cake. Cut in half and put ends together, it ends up like this.
The almond icing was hard to do, as the cake has two extra sides to make (that's right, remembering maths class, the surface area can increase when you change the shape of an object). It was a bit of a patch job, but I made it.
Then the butter icing - added a drop or two of red food colouring and about 1/2 teaspoon of lemon essence and I got this peachy colour.
It has a messy finish because, frankly, I'm a messy person and it seemed to suit it. So there you go.
The russian dolls were part of the 'theme' (though mum insists they were Irish gypsies, as were some of our ancestors) and the photos from the invitations I made here. The flowers are false, couldn't come up with a way to keep fresh flowers fresh, so...
Yes, Mum loved the cake. And it was delicious. And my brothers and co ate it all up within days. Just as it should be! Did I mention the party was an amazing big family do like the old days, everyone, everyone loved it, and we all NEEDED it.
Another two cakes now waiting to be iced for my birthday and for Christmas presents.

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