Thursday, December 2, 2010

paper pompoms

 Here's a fun and easy way to make some decorations for a party.
You need some tissue paper, a stapler and some way of stringing them together. I used ready to assemble present bows.
The tissue paper usually comes in a pack with 8-10 sheets.
With the 10 sheets I had, I separated 3 from the top and cut them down the middle, joined again to make 6 sheets. With the remaining 7 sheets I just cut them down the middle to have two stacks of 7 sheets. So enough paper to make three pompoms.

Start folding, like making one of those paper fans we all make as children. Fold about an inch down, turn and fold the same amount back on itself.

When you have folded the entire length, put a staple or two in the middle to secure it.

At this stage, if  you plan to join them together with string (or in this case, ribbon), you can staple the ribbon/string to the paper at the same time. I also used cellotape for extra strength.

Now, with strong scissors, cut a petal shape (pointed or round) into the ends of the 'fan'.

When you have a string of 'fans', you can transport them easily this way and fluff them out on location. To do the fluffing out, carefully tease away each layer, trying not to rip the petals. I find it best to do from the middle out.

I haven't got a picture of the final product, it was at my Mum's for her birthday.
Anyway, they look really effective. Give it a try!

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