Friday, December 10, 2010


We are in a spin during December. Two birthdays, end of year everythings, Christmas and the tail end of spring cleaning. It's all go, and I've gone and bitten off even more to chew.
My brother (16 years old) is on a three month holiday from school. No part time job so we thought about putting him to good use. He and I are currently painting our dining room. Two days down, 4 hours each day. The red is no more! and I have headache from breathing oil-based paint all day.
I will post a photo soon.
I also made my first Christmas pudding and just couldn't resist eating some right away because it smelled so good and it was so easy to make. I'll definitely make at least one more for the big day. More on that soon, too.
So here's another retrospective for you.

I made this outfit for Adelaide a few weeks back. I made the jacket actually 2 years ago for Hugo but the buttonhole maker on the machine chewed the fabric. I stored it away, not really liking the colours on him anyway, then thought of this idea to cover up the mistake.
The pants were easy to make, with double seams (since I have no overlocker) and I hand-stitched the sleeves into place with matching embroidery thread and a blanket stitch. She should fit this by winter. It's a lovely, soft and stretchy merino wool. Always a must for baby clothes.
The pattern is Butterick, but I gave it away to a friend and only have a copy of the templates to work from, so I can't give more details than that, sorry.

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